PokerDom is one the top 15 poker rooms with active player base, and is firmly in the top 10 by the traffic at the tables. The poker room has not just established itself at the top of the industry, it is also demonstrating impressive growth rates on yearly basis. Originally built for Russian-speaking players, Poker Dom has already gained leading positions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and today the room management is gradually beginning its expansion into foreign markets.

Most of the players at PokerDom are from Russia, there are also lots of players from Kazakhstan, as well as from other countries of the former USSR. From time to time you will come across players from the United States, as well as other jurisdictions, where the money game is not officially allowed.

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9 Reasons to Play Here

  1. Firstly, PokerDom players take advantage of cool promotions and bonuses, including the famous no deposit bonus.
  2. Poker room is known for convenient browser game, high-quality applications for mobile devices. The software has been developed relatively recently, looks good, easy to operate, works faster than most competitors.
  3. PokerDom blocks the use of third-party software such as Hold’em Manager, this makes the game more fair and reduces the advantage of professional players over the so-called recreational players.
  4. Player traffic and the number of tables, of course, not at the level of PokerStars, but quite decent. At peak hours, traffic reaches 2,000 players.
  5. A variety of games is available at PokerDom, you will, of course, find the traditional limit and no-limit Hold’em, Omaha, and also the 7-card stud poker. Among the unique games – American poker and Chinese poker.
  6. Poker room’s tournament grid includes both a serious GCOOP draw and a popular jackpot tournament among recreational players. Beginners will find lots of freerolls.
  7. PokerDom offers a rather profitable rake structure. The average rake will be from 3% to 5% depending on the game, while there are limits (depending on the game – no more than 5 or 20 Euro).
  8. The minimum deposit amount is 5 Euro, and you can replenish your account from a bank card, from a phone or through an e-money system.
  9. The withdrawal system is traditional for the industry – you can use only those payment systems from which a deposit was previously made.

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Green Poker Concept

As we have already noted, PokerDom is one of the poker rooms that block the use of third-party software, which gives an advantage when playing.

In a nutshell, what does such software do?

  • First, it keeps statistics and analyzes the situation. Counts cards, analyzes the style of the game rivals, analyzes your game.
  • Secondly, it makes assumptions on the hand of each opponent, based on the score of the cards, as well as the evaluation of the cards discarded by the opponent. If you have already met your opponent before, the program will remember him, so the accuracy of predicting his actions will be higher.
  • Finally, third-party software allows the player to monitor the situation at once behind several game tables.

Players rely only on their own resources, so the advantage of professional players, willing to lay out hundreds of dollars for licensed HUD software, is minimal.

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Playing Poker for Real Money

The concept of “green poker” nevertheless gives some advantage, let’s say, not to professional, but to experienced players. The tournament field, and the players at the tables are somewhat weaker, it’s no secret that even players at the tables with minimal blinds at the same PokerStars can easily be equipped with HUD.

That is, experienced players at PokerDom will play easier. And beginners get a chance to grow faster and lose less real money.